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Marty’s year in review

Written by Marty

Hi Friends,

Phew, what a year! I’ve had an exciting start on making the universe an allergy-friendly one and spreading the message. I’ve been over the moon to meet so many of you on my journey around planet Earth. Just in case you don’t remember, I’m Marty the Martian, on a mission to make the world an allergy-friendly one, dedicated to helping allergy-impacted children eat, play and socialise in a fun, inclusive and safe way. I just love food and collecting exciting flavours and ingredients! I know which ingredients to combine to create delicious snacks, good enough for everyday and special occasions with popped crisps in three out of this world flavours: BBQ, Ready Salted and Cheese & Onion! My Chickpea Popped Crisps are Pop’d, never baked or fried, full of flavour, and free from egg, peanuts and gluten!

This year, I chatted to some real-life mums and dads who have allergy-impacted little ones. I found out that 99%* of the parents feel that there is a lack of understanding around allergies – not everyone has them, so they might not be sure of what they even are. Just in case you need a reminder yourself, all the scientific details on what a food allergy is are on my website – did you know that food allergies are more common in children than adults? 1 in 12 young children are estimated to suffer from a food allergy. To help those little space explorers communicate their allergies, I’ve created an allergy card that can be filled in with the details of every child’s specific allergies to give them a tool to help them navigate eating out. My friend Emma has also written some helpful tips to make it even safer!

Holidays can be especially tricky for allergy-impacted children and their parents.  With so many cakes and seasonal sweets it can be all too easy for those impacted by allergies to feel left out – in fact I asked the same mums and dads with allergy-impacted little ones how they navigated these kind of events. 7 out of 10 parents said that they felt that their kids feel left out at parties, and 9 out of 10 were nervous that their children’s allergy won’t be properly taken into consideration. Everyone should be able to join in on the festivities, which is why I’ve made it my mission to change the world with my allergy-friendly snacks and to raise awareness so that these gatherings can be fun and inclusive for everyone!

If you’re catering for allergy-impacted space explorers over the holidays, why not keep some allergy-friendly treats to hand? Here’s a tasty recipe for flying shortbread saucers – add a little snow shower of icing sugar to make them feel extra festive! Try making them with your little ones, and share them with #MartysUniverse and tag us @martys_universe so we can see your cosmic creations!

However you’re celebrating, keep some Marty’s in stock for a safe treat this holiday season – not just for kids, they’re also enjoyed by adults! You can find your nearest store stocking Marty’s here – they’re also on Amazon and Ocado!

See you in 2020!


* Survey via Survey Monkey, 100 allergy impacted families October 2019 

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