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Imagine a party where your child can eat anything…

Written by Emma Amoscato

*This is an advertorial feature. I have been compensated for my time in writing it but this is an honest review and all content and opinions are my own.

If you’re not dealing with allergies, then that’s pretty easy but for us, it’s a dream scenario. Well, our dreams came true when I took J and Miss A along to the launch of the new allergy-friendly snack brand, Marty’s.

The whole party buffet, including the cake, was top 14 friendly. Miss A literally headed straight for the cupcakes and spent the rest of the party covered in chocolate! J asked me multiple times if he could really eat all of it. It was so amazing to see them, and all the other children with allergies, enjoying the food without worrying. 

It’s why I was so keen to work with the team behind Marty’s when I first met them – because they got it. They understood what it feels like for allergy families and were as passionate as me about promoting inclusiveness and allergy awareness. 

The energy at the launch party was infectious and you could tell that everyone in the room was really excited about this new venture. Marty’s Universe, which has been created by Danone, is a new character led brand where Marty the alien flies around finding allergy friendly food. It’s fun, it’s kid-focused and it’s something that the free from market has been crying out for.

It’s not just a treat food for children with allergies though, it’s food that all children can enjoy. It’s so important for them to feel the same as their friends and for other parents to be able to pick up a safe treat for everyone, without feeling like their own child is missing out.

The first products, the popped chickpea crisps, are available now online at Ocado in three flavours (Barbeque, Cheese & Onion and Ready Salted) and will soon to be followed by two delicious new sorbets. The crisps are produced in a factory that handles some ingredients that contain milk however there are cleaning procedures that are in place to limit the chance of cross-contamination.

The Marty’s team understand the frustrations with confusing precautionary labelling and are committed to being clear and transparent about any cross-contamination risks. While they follow rigorous testing procedures to ensure every batch is free from egg, peanuts and gluten, they want people to be able to make fully informed decisions. 

The team have so many great ideas for new products but also for making Marty’s Universe so much more than just and food brand and using their platform to educate people about allergies.  

As part of the launch, I have written a guide about how to have an allergy-friendly birthday party. The reality is, with allergies on the rise, it’s something that every parent will have to deal with at some point. We all know it’s not enough for us to know about allergies, we need to help the wider community understand too.

The guide covers 10 simple steps people can take to cater safely and inclusively for children with allergies. You can read it over on the Marty’s website. 

I’m really excited to be working with Marty’s and can’t wait to share more about the new products with you soon. 

What would you like Marty to make next?

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